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60" Vertical Garden Leaning 3 Tiered Ladder Planter Box for Outdoor Balcony, Patio & Upright Herb, Vegetable Plants or Flower Wall $75

Updated: Jun 9

A beautiful and functional vertical planter made of western red cedar that assembles in no time at all and doesn't require tools to do so! We've completely re-designed this vertical planter with both the novice and experienced gardener in mind. It stands 5 feet (60 inches) tall, 58 inches when leaning, with 3 tiers of planting space. We left plenty of space between tiers for your plants to grow. We Include four standard 17" plastic flower boxes as inserts. With our design, the soil doesn't come in contact with the wood. With other products, those which you plant directly into a wooden box, constantly wet soil will cause the wood to rot, decay and fail. Ours will last for many, many years! Others are also difficult to plant and very messy when it comes time to clean out and re-plant. Our inserts can be planted comfortably anywhere, and easily cleaned and re-planted. The plastic inserts also help to retain soil moisture significantly better than if you planted directly into a wooden box. We include four planter box inserts just in case one breaks, or you want to change one out. Replacement inserts can easily be found on Amazon. You can also sow seeds in the extra insert and place it in the planter when ready. Your planter will never have an empty space! Also, with the mortise and tenon construction, there are no mechanical fasteners or screws to fail. This is a tried and true, age old design! Perfect for small spaces such as patios and balconies, and they're great to have by your grill for easy access to your favorite cooking herbs. Makes a wonderful gift too. Spend your time digging in the dirt instead of digging out your tools! Patent pending. $75.

We make them here so they are always available. (Please contact us for orders of more than one so we can make sure they are ready for you to pick up). Phone (773) 919-8000. 13934 W Timberlane Ct. in Homer Glen (Pebble Creek subdivision). We are Timberlane Gardens, a well established small business with thousands and thousands of satisfied online customers, right here in Homer Glen!

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