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    Home Grown Flower and Vegetable Plants! Check in here for interactive polls, growing tips, and the new varieties we are growing. Watch for updates of the plants progress, dates for our spring plant availability and sales, or look for tips to help your own garden grow. Even though it's frigid outside at Timberlane Gardens, we are getting ready for spring and summer, Join us!

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  • Gardening Products We Use | Timberlane Gardens Nursery & Garden Center

    Products We Use The links below are affiliate links. At zero cost to you, we will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. Seed Starting Supplies A well built, affordable grow light stand for standard 4 foot light fixtures. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to adjust. It folds up for storage too. If you have a shop light, get this to get growing! A very bright, low cost LED grow light for starting strong seedlings. The perfect size for two standard 1020 seed trays. Mars Hydro has an established reputation in grow lighting. Please be safe working around water and electricity. If you don't have GFCI outlets this is a great solution! Plug your grow lights and heat mats into this first, then connect it to your electrical outlet. A heat mat is a must, especially for pepper and tomato seed germination. The probe is inserted into the soil and automatically regulates the temperature. We set ours at 80 degrees F. These color coded plant tags are great for keeping track of your plants. We use red for tomatoes, green for peppers, yellow for annuals, pink for perennials and blue for everything else. We water A LOT of seedlings. Spray bottles will work but can get tiring quick. These sprinklers are gentle enough not to disturb the soil and don't leave your hands cramped. Way faster too! Fertilizers & Amendments A tried and true slow release fertilizer for ornamentals. We add it to our containers, hanging baskets and when we plant out in the garden. Great for annuals and perennials. Lasts up to 6 months. You can't argue with the success of Proven Winners' products. We give our flowering ornamental plants a boost with this water soluble fertilizer when they need it the most. The ultimate organic starter plant food for our edible herb and vegetable plants. We add it to our seed starting mix and again when we plant out. Contains mycorrhizae too. Good stuff! Azomite is the secret sauce for gardening victory. It can be used anywhere at anytime for strong roots, healthy plants and big yields. We add it to our seed starting, rooting and container mixes. And out in the garden too! A great alternative to fish based fertilizers for use on young plants and cuttings. It can also be used indoors with no odor! An exceptional foliar spray too. A little goes a long way. Although primarily used to prevent blossom end rot on tomato and pepper plants, all plants will benefit from this supplement. It can also be used as a foliar spray for enhanced growth.

  • Nursery & Garden Center | Timberlane Gardens | Homer Glen IL

    Timberlane Gardens Nursery & Garden Shoppe Get your flower and vegetable garden growing with Timberlane Gardens! An alternative to the commercial garden center, we have a selection you won't see anywhere else. Here you'll find the kindly guidance and essential ingredients to help you succeed in your gardening adventures. From home grown heirloom tomato and herb plants to breathtaking annuals and perennials , along with the tools necessary to succeed, we have them all here. Stop by and let's grow together! Our 2023 Nursery Season Opens on April 22nd! Hours of Operation: Weekdays: By Appointment Only Saturday: 10am - 4pm Sunday: 10am - 2pm *Raised garden beds are available for purchase year-round. Timberlane Gardens raised garden beds are made of highly revered and durable Western Red Cedar. The hand-crafted Mortise & Tenon joints are the strongest available, while adding Old World style & charm. Extremely durable and easy to assemble, they will last for many years. Made in America with American materials. Raised Garden Beds Shop All Raised Garden Beds Nursery *The availability of plants is seasonal. We start all of our flower , vegetable and herb varieties from seed or propagation. It is a meticulous, time-consuming process, but the results are worth it. Since we are a small home-based nursery , every seedling and cutting receives the proper care needed to mature into a healthy, flourishing plant - ready for your garden! See All Annual Plants See All Perennial Plants See All Tomato Plants See All Pepper Plants See All Warm Season Vegetable Plants See All Herb Plants See All Cool Season Vegetable Plants See All Fruiting Plants Latest News! Kasie Jan 6 1 min Stay Tuned For. . . Home Grown Flower and Vegetable Plants! Check in here for interactive polls, growing tips, and the new varieties we are growing. Watch... Join the Club Join our newsletter for advance notice of sale dates, inventory additions and more. Subscribe to our newsletter • Don’t miss out! Join Thanks for submitting! Contact Us Timberlane Gardens 13934 W Timberlane Ct. Homer Glen, IL 6049 1 773-919-8000 First Name Last Name Email Phone Message Submit Our Roots My husband and I grew up helping our grandparents in their gardens. Pulling weeds, planting veggies, harvesting the bounty of tomatoes and green beans and enjoying them for dinner. This is when our love for gardening was planted. When we moved into our house in Homer Glen , one of the first tasks we accomplished was planting a summer garden. We started bonding with our neighbors over the progress of their own gardens. In 2015, we reached out to an even bigger gardening community by making and selling cedar raised garden beds online. Now we are returning to our roots (no pun intended) by sharing our home grown vegetable plants and flowers with you, our local community ! ​ We are proud to help our friends and neighbors by offering kindly guidance and the essential ingredients to help succeed in our gardening adventures!

  • Our Seed Starting Formula | Timberlane Gardens

    Herb & Vegetable Seed Starting Mix

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