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GIANT 8 Foot Garden Obelisk Pyramid Trellis Climbing Plants Cedar 96' X 24" ($55 ea.)(2/$100)

You won't find these anywhere else!!! Perfect for growing vining plants such as beans, cucumbers and clematis or as a tomato support! Measures a whopping 96 inches (8 feet) tall and 24 inches (2 feet) wide! Made from western red cedar. A super giant statement piece for your garden. $55 each or two for $100. Yes, really!!! Our standard 6 foot obelisk is also available for $40 each or 2 for $75. We make them here so they are always available. (Please contact us by direct message or by phone for orders of more than two so we can make sure they are ready for you to pick up). Phone (773) 919-8000. 13934 W Timberlane Ct. in Homer Glen (Pebble Creek subdivision).

We are Timberlane Gardens, a well established small business with thousands and thousands of satisfied online customers, right here in Homer Glen!

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